Technology expert - video series

We have created a series of short videos to help you design your M&E system and to select the appropriate technology solutions.

Based on years of working in the IT sector, we offer our insight into what works and what doesn't as well as exploring the fundamental questions you need to ask yourself about your program.

Design basics
This video describes how to design an M&E system which produces the required reports to prove the impact of your projects.
By working backwards, we define the data requirements to answer specific questions.

Web-based surveys
This video looks at how to use web-based surveys, the benefits and challenges of the approach and some best-practise tips to get the best from them.

Mobile data collection
Collecting data when in the field can be an exciting prospect. This video discusses the power and pitfalls of designing such a solution.

This video discusses the challenges faced when choosing a database to store and manage your M&E data

Visual analysis
A description of the different visual displays you can use to bring your M&E results to life and make an impact on your audience.

Using your results
So, you have a great M&E system producing some great data and analyses. So what? This video describes how you can use the results and who needs to receive them


Why goProve?

Well, why bother collecting data anyway?

To make sure we are doing things right
"Are we operating in the most efficient way?"

Manage stuff
Collect data on project delivery, number of beneficiaries, registers of attendees, which staff were present.
Collect feedback on each session, calculate durations, track volunteer activities.
Collect demographic data on beneficiaries, volunteers, staff and partners.
Report on project outputs and progress to targets.

... and improve processes by combining the above and spot strengths and weaknesses of your projects.

To make sure we are doing the right thing
"Are our actions and activities creating the required impact?"

Measure stuff
Collect data on what changed as a result of your activities.
Run before and after surveys to assess the value of your project or session.
Run long-term or periodic surveys to detect changes in the beneficiaries.
Measure the "soft" information such as attitude, ability to cope or living standards.
Report on the outcomes

... and evaluate impact by combining the above to assess the effectiveness of your projects.

It is possible, and many organisations do this, to manage all of your operational data on paper and spreadsheets. This works - for a while. However, when the volume of data gets so big that you need an additional person to help, or your brain cannot find the right column and row to enter the data, it's...

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