So, what can goProve do?

Using the latest in web and mobile technologies, goProve provides a platform to collect project data, manage the volumes of information, analyse what is going on and create reports.
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We make the technology simple, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Take a tour and explore the different areas specifically designed to support your programs

Record client information
  • Enter contact and demographic information once.
  • Allow clients to submit application forms online.
  • Define unlimited custom fields or attributes.
  • Search on any parameter.

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Organise in projects
  • Define project templates.
  • Use the workflow to log progress and activity.
  • Registers record attendance and session information.
  • Manage client groups.

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Design surveys
  • Define data collection instruments and surveys.
  • Multiple input field type and layout options.
  • Enable surveys to client groups.
  • Multi-use forms provide longitudinal or pre/post surveys.
  • Include scores to answers and calculate survey totals.

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One-off, longitudinal or pre/post surveys
  • Design the surveys to collect the data you need.
  • Invite clients to complete a survey via email.
  • Responses are automatically linked to the right client.
  • Multi-use forms track changes in individuals or groups.
  • Invite others to respond to build different perspectives.

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Collect data online, offline or mobile
  • Design the forms to collect the data you need.
  • Use goProve to publish to the offline "app".
  • Complete the forms anywhere.
  • Sync to send the data to the server when you re-connect.
  • Configure special surveys for clients to complete online.
  • Unique email addresses allow feedback to be received at any time.
  • Accept feedback or survey data as SMS messages

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Built-in analysis tools
  • Dashboards show your important information in one place.
  • Create charts, data tables and word clouds.
  • Gauges to help build infographic displays.
  • Analyse for change, progress or significant difference.
  • Word clouds assess responses in any text field.
  • Report on volumes, numbers and attendance as outputs.
  • Build scorecards for instant overviews of progress.
  • Embed your information in other web pages.

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Collaborate on your projects
  • Record, manage and communicate with your contacts through the CRM app.
  • Share documents across your teams.
  • Timesheets to record and analyse team effort.
  • Share news and photos on users home pages.

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Scalable and available
  • Cloud-based platform - we provide the service and keep backups so that you don't have to.
  • Multiple, authorised users at the same time.
  • Access permissions set per user group.
  • Unlimited beneficiaries, survey responses and custom fields.
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