Collecting evidence and demonstrating the outcomes of your projects can be quite a daunting prospect ... but it doesn't have to be.

Recording attendance, collating the answers to your questionnaires, recalling someones history, compiling stories from those you have helped, assembling scores or comparing results is what you have to do if you are going to be able to demonstrate that what you do is right.

What if ..
.. you could
monitor your projects in multiple locations,
record the outcomes of your projects,
collect feedback from your beneficiaries, and
track progress of each person on a project

.. by
connecting volunteers and staff members,
giving beneficiaries a way to send you feedback,
using tools to monitor projects & manage data, and
using feedback and data to track progress and results
.. through
online systems using the web,
smart phone access,
offline tablets like iPad or Android, and
SMS text messaging or email
.. and give stakeholders
regular reports on results achieved on their behalf,
online dashboards where they can see live data,
data to analyse what works and what doesn't, and
knowledge to support projects that care about results

goProve is a no-nonsense, scalable, solution that provides everything you need to
monitor, manage and measure your projects.
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