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Our background

goProve is an initiative of Chris Wood Associates - an innovation company focussed on bringing simplicity and scalability to complex processes.

By using the right technology in the right way, many ways of working that are either too complex or rely on expert consultants can be made accessible to the people who rely on it.

CWA have been the main drivers in breaking down barriers to process clarity in the following areas:

  • Designed and implemented a practical installation of Open Innovation to harness creativity for business.
  • Created an experiential process and graphical tools to guide a large symposium to co-create solutions to national issues.
  • Designed graphical tools and processes to support coaches and human resource managers to deploy coaching programs consistently to all levels of organisations.
  • Created the scalable and cost-effective goProve solution to offer management and measurement capabilities to organisations of all sizes and focus areas.
  • Created the online business strategy and planning tools discoveryplatform.com allowing consistent and clear business propositions to be constructed by entrepreneurs.

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